Shine Through!

Shine Through!

It's YOUR time. SHINE!

In a world where getting others to know, like, and trust you is all the rage, it seems we've forgotten that the most important person to know, like, and trust you is YOU.

People like people who are who they really are. People are drawn to the ones who just BE themselves, because there's a freedom in it and we're all seeking that freedom. What most of us miss is that we don't need to try to be like those we admire. They're already doing a fine job! But is anyone doing a fine job at being you? Isn't it about time someone does? Let's do it!!

Through over 10 years of getting to know, like, and trust myself, I've found that it's not only possible, it's the best way to live. In Shine Through!, I'll show you some powerful tools I've learned, connect you with others ready to Shine Through too, and guide your journey of discovering more of you and uncovering what you find to the world. That's what the world needs: you to be you!

What you can expect to receive:

  • + Vastly heightened clarity of your purpose and gifts
  • + Greater awareness of what has shaped your mindset & reality
  • + Practical tools and practices to transform
  • + New friends & weekly group sessions (zoom, video meetings)
  • + A deep befriending of your own Soul
  • + Healing on all levels
  • + Courage & confidence to know, love, trust, and be yourself
  • + More of course!

This is a 10-week group series. Each week, you will have home study or activity that will move you through one of the areas of knowing, loving, trusting, and/or BEing yourself. Don't worry, we wait until the end to start showing everyone else what we've been up to (though they may catch on, as you'll be lighter than they might be used to).

We meet together each week. Starting May 1st!

You and I meet together twice for one on one healing/coaching. The first is a full Kundalini Numerology Consultation, when we get to really reveal a lot of hidden answers within ourselves. It's epic.

You are an honorable member of Club LC for not only the 10 weeks, but 3 full months! Total value of Club LC is over $800/month, so it's already worth more than the price of this amazing journey itself!

We have a reunion call (zoom, video meeting) 2 months after we have Shone Through! to check in, give added support, and keep connected.

Anyone and everyone can Shine Through!, but this series isn't for everyone. It's for you if you:

  • + Feel the tingle of your Soul telling you there's more
  • + Have a big vision, but you're not sure you can do it, or how
  • + Want to know your purpose and live it
  • + Are done with letting fear decide for you
  • + Are moving through a transition, and you want to take this time to really allow yourself to be who you know you are meant to be
  • + Understand that self-care is a commitment
  • + Are willing to commit to yourself and to the higher purpose of this group
  • + Are ready to Shine Through! and let your spirit soar, like it's meant to

Let's chat! Schedule your free application call today.

Oh, and I don't bother with pricing psychology. It's $1000. Already in Club LC? Take $237 off!

Not ready to Shine Through!, but you want a place to start getting more in touch with you and your purpose? Club LC is the place to be! First month trial is $29.