Woohoooo!!! The LoC Podcast got a makeover! I'm about to get back into the interviews and I simply cannot WAIT! Only, it'll be monthly or so, not weekly. I've made space for "Tidbits."

The Light of Conscience podcast features interviews with some of the most inspiring wayshowers on the planet. The difference is, I don't have a list of questions. I get so excited about what others are up to that the questions never come from my head, but always my heart. I want everyone on my podcast to be famous. They are lighting the way. The world needs to know each and every one of them!The interviews and topics heard here keep you aligned with the Light of Conscience, inspire you to keep shining bright, and awaken this light in others, because if there's one thing this world needs right now, it is to consciously live with Conscience.Thank you for tuning in. I'm so glad you're here.

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Sat Nam.

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Sometimes when you're talking to friends the best things come through. Or the worst, but we're going to try this one out anyway.

One day long ago and not too far away. Maybe it was the same day, my friend gave me a psychic reading and talked about how "tidbits of wisdom" come through my writing, so keep doing those emails. She also told me while not in psychic mode that I share tidbits through my Facebook Live videos. I don't think Facebook Live was a thing back on that first day.

I was talking to another friend on a totally different day, but was it though? And I said the only thing I've ever done that I can legitimately say I'd do even if I never got paid is podcast. She said, "Then do more of it!" So tell me what you want to hear Tidbits about. I'll literally talk about anything.

Anything you want me to talk about? Please message me on IG or FB.

I'm putting episodes on Castbox for now. Easy. I love ease!:

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