Life Purpose Map

A Life Purpose Map is for you if:

~You feel that you've lost touch with your personal GPS
~You feel very connected to your GPS but feel like it's not pointing to your true purpose
~You would like confirmation that you're on the right track
~You feel change upon you and you don't know what's next
~You desperately want out of a relationship or career
~You've recently begun to be curious about spirituality and spiritual teachings

While having information is helpful, I believe in continued support, so when you order your Life Purpose Map, you automatically receive 1 Activation Session, perfect for a jump start! I also offer an add-on Session for just $31 more so you have two sessions and we can follow up to see where your strengths are shining most and how they can support the rest of your purpose.

In your Activation Sessions, we Navigate the 5 coordinates of your Life Purpose and activate you in following your path with courage and grace. You will come away with a great amount of Clarity, Courage, Motivation, and Concrete steps to take toward your fulfilled life.

Live Your Purpose. Love Your Life!

Your Life Purpose Map uses your birthday to reveal:

  1.      1. how you most deeply connect you to your Soul
  2.      2. what Karma needs to be worked out in this lifetime
  3.      3. your strongest Gift in this lifetime (do you receive gifts with grace yet?)
  4.      4. how your Destiny came to be from what you've mastered through many lifetimes
  5.      5. your Path to fulfillment

The key is Kundalini Numerology! Your Life Purpose Map details your natural state at birth, which usually stays the same until you awaken to your unlimited Self. However, this system believes that numbers and fate are not the same. You can create your Destiny by working with the 10 aspects of your being described as the "10 Bodies" in Kundalini Yoga.

In your Life Purpose Map & Activation Sessions, you receive non-judgmental and unbiased reflection as we go through your map to find out where you're at. We then dive into the vision you have for your life, and we co-create a potent, step-by-step practice to implement so that you start to live your purpose and love your life, no matter where you are on the evolution spiral journey!

$97 for your Map + a 30 minute activation session

Follow-up is huge, and for an extra $30 I'll add a second activation session - that's a total of $128 for two 30 minute activations plus your Map! 

After your initial activation session(s), additional sessions can be arranged:

A la carte: $60/30 minutes or $90/60 minutes.

5 pack: $50/30 minutes each ($250 total) or $80/30 minutes each ($400 total) **Must be used within 3 months**

"The purpose of life is to enjoy every moment." ~Yogi Bhajan

If you're not, let's change that!

Email LC to schedule your Life Purpose Map & Activation Session. (Please include your birthday in your email: month, day, year) So excited!!! laurachristine808@gmail.com


(please include your birthday, month/day/year)