Sometimes a course, lecture, class, training, or even a group coaching program isn't specific or deep enough.

I work through spirituality toward enhanced growth in all areas. The most complete offering is Kundalini Numerology. This is not a type of numerology where numbers determine fate. Instead, we use them to manifest our ideal destiny.

Sound Healing has become one of my main offerings because the power of the human voice simply cannot be overstated. Combined with Reiki, this is a very transformative modality no matter what area of your body, life, or career you're working on.

Music heals. The music I professionally produce is angelic and truly a heart and even eye-opening experience. You can contact me for a hard copy of a USB filled with over 90 minutes of music and a sound healing for self-sabotage, or I can send a digital copy anywhere for $5 off.

Shine Through! I do love groups. This is a means to build a community that knows, likes, and trusts you because you learn to know, love, trust, and BE yourself. 10 weeks and you are not even recognizable!

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