Laura Christine

Music has such power it can change one’s vibration in an instant. My love for music grew out of the healing it gave me through depression in high school, college and beyond. It was greatly strengthened during my Kundalini Yoga teacher training, and it blossomed when I gave away my oil painting supplies and asked the Universe to show me my next phase of creative expression.

While I focus primarily on mantra, the songs I write are all sure to uplift your spirit and renew your sense of being "Alive."

About Mantras

Man=mind, Tra=projection

When we use mantras, we are projecting our consciousness as a single-focused stream into the very fabric of the cosmos, the web of consciousness connected to all things.

This is an incredibly powerful tool for manifestation. Each mantra embodies a particular energy or vibration that changes the very core of our existence. The more it is repeated with reverence, the stronger this Force-field becomes in you.

"Thank you so much for the wonderful gift of your music. Listening to it brings me peace and helps me to bring calm to my practice. I often struggle with the ability to clear my mind and just be. Life is a journey upon which we learn every day and hopefully improve ourselves with every breath we take. "
Dave, Honolulu

"She sings like an angel."
Lani, Honolulu

"I felt your music go right to my root chakra and open the energy channels of expansion."
Ell, Honolulu

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Yes! I did. I had dreadlocks for 3 years!

Sat Narayan Wahe Guru
Hari Narayan Sat Nam

A mantra to flow with all of life. A deep meditation for self-love.