Life Purpose Map

Have the courses, readings, and trainings you’ve done left you with a lot of useful knowledge but a lack of direction or success?

Have you lost yourself in society, your career, your children, your certifications, or your mind?

The moon has been waiting for you. This time, don’t just reach for it – reach it.

Are you growing and things are pretty good, but you KNOW there’s even more and better things for you?

Why does life seem to come with a “what” but not a “how?” 

Because knowledge is easy. It’s welcome, it’s inspiring, it’s confirming.

But knowledge doesn’t show you who you are. Knowledge doesn’t re-wire your brain. Knowledge is like a possession. It’s something you have. It’s a really good start, but it’s only the starting line.

Life does come with a “how,” and the “how” is in your action.

It’s just really hard to act when you’re not sure exactly what is going to make your “what” make sense!

Good News!!

Your Life Pupose Map and Reading is your “what” and your “how”–your specific route to becoming your fullest potential.

While having information is helpful, I believe in continued support, so when you receive your Life Purpose Map & Reading, you also receive a follow-up session and a coupon for a Bonus: 1 month FREE in Club LC.

Your Map will show you the 5 coordinates of your Life Purpose and ways activate you in following your path with courage and grace. You will come away with a great amount of Clarity, Courage, Motivation, and Concrete steps to take toward your fulfilled life. Stop thinking about what you want. Do something about it!

Once your order is placed, you’ll be automatically taken to a confirmation page where you’ll schedule your session. I’ll receive a notification via email, and I’ll start working on your Life Purpose Map promptly. You’ll receive it at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled time.

If there are any issues do not hesitate to reach out: laurachristine808@gmail.com