Club LC

Ready to step into your greatness? YOU are here on purpose. YOU are a great asset to the world. Empower yourself. Understand your purpose and the power within it. Create your Map and follow it to inner fulfillment and outer success. You got this. We're with you!

Club LC has left me feeling grounded, I have more energy, more clarity and overall improved quality of life. If this speaks to you at all, contact [Laura Christine] or feel free to ask me any questions. I'd love to see you and interact in the Club!

~JC (Jennifer Carbajal), Lifetime Member. Instagram: @maialifemethod

Club LC is a place I go when I need to remember who I am and why I'm here. Even though I practice and teach meditation and know my gifts, sometimes the conscious living of daily life gets in the way of my greater good, thoughts, and actions. Plus, the club is FUN!
~Ell Graniel, Lifetime Member and creator of Truespeak
Best selling author of Get Happier, Fitter, and off the Med's Now

Members' Continued Results:

  •          +   Deeper connection to spirituality
  •          +   Greater clarity
  •          +   Confidence to take actions
  •          +   More connections, clients, and money flow
  •          +   Easier self-care (convenience)
  •          +   Far less stress and anxiety
  •          +   Impacting in the world in more positive and BIG ways
  •          +   More self-love and fewer excuses!
  • At Startup You Receive:
    • +   The Evolution Spiral and its Traps
    • +   Instructions for creating your Life Purpose Map
    • +   All the starter info you need explained simply on downloadable audios and files
    • +   A welcome video with quick instructions on Kundalini Yoga essentials
    • +   Entrance into our Private Facebook Group
  • Each Month We Empower Ourselves into Freedom with:
    • +   A Kundalini Yoga set (Kriya) or Meditation
    • +   A short daily practice to strengthen our resiliency and confidence
    • +   A weekly share post to deepen our healing and connection to ourselves and each other
    • +   A fun game card for accountability (3 points each time you do the Kriya or Meditation, 1 point each day for the daily practice, 5 points each week for sharing). Rewards for those with the highest number of points!
    • +   LC goes live with Reiki or Toning and other tidbits!

If you're the kind of person who simply cannot sit down and watch life pass you by, Club LC is for you.

If you're the kind of person who knows you're here to make a difference, even if you're not sure exactly what or how, Club LC is for you.

If your intention is to change the world, Club LC is where you're meant to be.

Empower yourself. Evolve into freedom. Show the world how good it can be.