Your Heart WILL Break

Your Heart WILL Break

Because that’s what hearts do!

They break. No one is so invincible that their heart doesn’t break. I once had a man ask me, when I was just shy of 30 years old, if I’d ever had my heart broken. I hesitated, and he just shook his head and in hindsight I understand. He was thinking that I’m too young to be so hardened, and just wait…

There’s a Sufi prayer: Shatter my heart so a new room can be created for an infinite Love. I’d been seeking the deepest and highest part of myself for some time, and I adopted that prayer as my own one night. The Universe delivered. It sent someone to break my heart into a thousand pieces.

But I’m not broken. I’m alive. I finally learned what it means to FEEL, to break, to finally relinquish control of my heart and let it tell me how to love, how to sacrifice, how to give and how to live, absolutely.

This is a breaking open, not a breaking down. Most people who guard their hearts do so for fear of breaking down, or apart, without realizing that the more a heart is guarded the harder it becomes… so hard and heavy that soon enough it is completely broken down anyway. The struggle is real, but so is the choice. The heart breaks down if it doesn’t break open.

The heart will break when you leave family, friends, towns and jobs but as long as you’re leaving to follow it, the heart breaks open. That Light, the pure, guiding light within, it’s always been in there. You have to let the heart break open in order for the Light to shine out.

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