You’re SUPPOSED To Quit

You’re SUPPOSED To Quit

You read that title right.

Quitters never win? Are you kidding me? How many millionaires are college drop-outs?

There are thousands of reasons we begin things. Most of those reasons are not because the heart told us to. Why we get so stuck in our concept that quitting is the same as failing is beyond me! And how we created a word to mean we didn’t succeed is crazy too. Failing isn’t even a THING. Failure is a crazy concept that means, “it didn’t work and it never will,” but in actuality what we call, “didn’t work and never will,” is just a step along the way.

Success isn’t anything either. All it means is that you got something you wanted and now you feel good about yourself for it. Okay, great, so now what? Die? I guess you could. Most of us just fail some more. 😛

Stepping off my soapbox now, let me tell you why you’re supposed to quit. Okay, I’ll step back on.

Have you ever tried breathing but only the inhale part because you started that, so by golly you better not quit your you’ll be a failure? No! Of course not. You’re supposed to quit.

While that’s an extreme example, I hope it paints a very clear picture. Energy moves. We’re energy. Don’t ever keep doing anything because you think you shouldn’t quit.

Take it from me. I’m a quitter. I have quit… I was counting but then I realized that I have voluntarily quit every job I’ve ever had. No one has ever dumped me. I quit every relationship I’ve ever been in. Even when I got divorced, he initiated it, but I had to be the one to pull the plug. I quit being a carnivore, and then I quit being a vegetarian. I’m always quitting! And if you take a good hard look, I bet you’re frequently quitting too. Change isn’t the devil. It’s the sprouting of new life.

I encourage you to quit anything and everything that doesn’t make you feel the sweet song of joy that is the pure essence of your soul. And then don’t quit anything while you do feel your soul. I know you’ve quit that. I have, too. Everyone’s quit that. Quit again. You’re a not a loser. Quit again to win!

What do you need to quit?

Comment here, or join a bunch of quitters in the Light of Conscience Community on Facebook. Or if you’re feeling the pull to work with a coach to deeply and surely stop doing things you really deep down don’t want to do, stop beating yourself up for it, and connect back in with the knowing that exists within you where thoughts do not, check THIS out. I’m here for you!

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