What You “Should” Do

What You “Should” Do

I know the story well. You wanted to do something, but they prevented it or made you do something else. I wanted to be in drama in high school, but I couldn’t because I played sports. I wanted to be in cross country, but I couldn’t because volleyball was my sport and you can’t do two sports in one season. I wanted to take art classes but I could only take two because most of them were scheduled at the same time as the honors math and science classes which I obviously belonged in.

At college orientation I wanted to go out in the kayaks but I couldn’t because I was stopped and feebly recruited by the volleyball coach even though she’d made no attempt to recruit me before. This was after having seen college coaches fighting to get my sister to play for them and my receiving about 4 letters from no name schools. Huh. Maybe I should’ve been in drama. Or cross country. Not that I’d have won any races.

Let me clarify my point. I couldn’t do the things I wanted to do because I was doing something else. It felt to me as though something outside myself, some external circumstance, was forcing me to choose what I thought I should do over what I wanted to do. How much can you relate to this story? It may not be classes and extra-curricular activities, but the story line is the same. I can’t do that, I have to do this because even though I want to do that, this is what I should do. This is how I should talk. This is how I should act…

Well, guess what, I’m an expert at doing what should be done, and I’m here to tell you this. You should do what you want to do.

Line the should and the want up so they are one and the same. I’ll explain more next time, but for now, tell me what you’re doing and tell me what you want to do. Or tell me what you did and tell me what you wanted to do. Be shameless now, be real, be you!

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