The Prize in Suffering

The Prize in Suffering

It’s a trap.

The truth is, there is no prize in suffering. You win when you’re done suffering. If you’ve never suffered, then you’ve never lost touch with the prize. And if you think you haven’t suffered enough to warrant whatever it is you think you’d deserve if you’d have suffered more, you’re out of your mind. Don’t cause yourself to suffer for not having suffered enough.

You know what I’m talking about, don’t you? Stop comparing yourself to another. You’re causing yourself to suffer. Stop thinking that because you had a decent or even good childhood you aren’t able to inspire strength and perseverance in others. You’re causing suffering. Stop thinking because you’ve been wronged you have the right to continue to relive the wrong-doing. You do, but like all of this, there is no prize in it! In fact, there is no prize at all, and everything – life – is the prize.

How about this? How about today, just today, right now, we all decide that we won’t let something keep us from sharing the depths of who we are. We will be honest with ourselves and in turn be honest with everyone. What kind of world do you imagine this would become if we all stopped allowing our thoughts to make us suffer? What if we just told the truth, all the time, to everyone? How do you think that would look?

Listen to a couple nerds who truly inspire others to be who they are because THEY are who they are and they finally aren’t afraid to share it. Tune In Here.

Let me know what you think. Tell the truth.

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