What Would You Tell The World?

What Would You Tell The World?

There is a Light. A Light of Conscience Community. It’s a group on Facebook. It’s new, and it’s huge. I mean the energy, the frequencey, the vibration of the people who have said, “Yeah, that sounds like me,” is indescribably bright.  Here is a question recently posted:

Fill in the blank. (Don’t copy Jewell). 😛

The responses inspired me to write this post. Here they are (so far):

“Love yourself completely.”

“If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all!!”

“Grow a pair and use anger for activism.” (and then a rather long string of humorous replies)

“Share. I’d tell the world to share.” (He has a 2 year old) 😉 (And yes, it would be good to share)

“Live your dreams!” (Edited from Love your dreams, which is also a good one)

”Take care of my daughter.” (Yes, take care of all of the children)

“To always live! Never just exist!!”

“There is a world beyond your mind!”

This is a new post, so there will be more. And I hope you’ll contribute to the string of Light!

Join the Light of Conscience Community.

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