Crossroads Demon – And Angel

Crossroads Demon – And Angel

Crossroads Demon – And Angel

This morning I sat and listened, and revealed was the purpose of my podcast (due out this September). The place that I believe my listeners, tribe, and readers are and have been is exactly where I’ve been, too.

I wanted encouragement and validation that I was doing the right thing by paving my own path. I wanted to know that it would work, that I would get what I wanted. For me, that was to make a good living from being a healer and yoga teacher so I could show “them” (mostly society at large) that I didn’t have to follow their rules and that I could do even better if I did it my own way.

But I didn’t really get that, did I? Not from those closest to me. I had pepole say they believed in me and they admired me for going for it, but I also had (the same people) say it’s not possible to make a living at it, and I felt their resentment because I’d followed my heart, which lowered my income quite a bit, and totally blindly just went for it.

What I didn’t have were role models who knew the path of the heart because they had taken that way. No. That path was as much a mystery to those who loved me as to me.

I went anyway. Once I started down the path, I met more people like me. Maybe they had role models, but more often they didn’t either… but what if we had? Each of our paths would be as full of mystery, but taking it wouldn’t have been so mysterious. It wouldn’t have been easy, because no one has ever gone YOUR exact way, but I don’t believe it would have been as scary, and the fear that keeps too many back would have abated. Now I’m here to be that role model.

Forget about the crossroads demon. Talk to the crossroads angel. The crossroads demon gives you what you think you want but takes your soul. The crossroads angel takes what you don’t need and frees your soul. The crossroads angel uncovers your Light of Conscience.

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  1. I love that others don’t have to “reinvent the wheel”. Because of you, the WayShower, others can be supported and guided towards their own crossroads angel that uncovers their Light of Conscience. What beautiful work you do! Thank you LC!

    1. I could say the exact same thing for you Coach OM! You are such a bright light for others. This world is absolutely blessed by your presence!

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