Do You Really Love Yourself?

Do You Really Love Yourself?

If you cannot in 3 seconds tell me something great about yourself when I ask you, watch this.

Quick Recap

In a group of 6 women, only two of us said something good about ourself straight away when asked. The others seemed to have two obstacles: 1) they couldn’t think of anything, and 2) they said they didn’t want to sound like they were bragging.

First off, telling someone something good about you does not mean that you’re bragging! If you say, “I’m better than others because of this good thing,” then that is bragging. If I say, “I have a beautiful voice,” does it sound like I’m bragging? NO! I’m just real about myself.

In the video I take a moment to share the realization I had made that most people think they suck. This is so sad. Nobody sucks! So take a minute right now to reach into your heart of hearts and admit to the world you have awesome qualities. And please share them. Comment here, wherever you’re reading this.

Look. I know you’re awesome, but the whole world is dying to hear it from you.

Sat Nam,


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