One who came to Earth, not to fit in, but to make positive change.

Wayshower, it's time for you to speak, shine, express, BE who you came here to be!

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What a trip! When did you feel the spark of curiosity rising up within you? Or did you ignore the spark until something lit a fire under you and you knew it was time to find that something else... or else?

I'm Laura Christine and I'd say I ignored it for quite awhile, but can you ignore something if you're not aware of it? Maybe I was, maybe I wasn't. I'd say the spark became big enough for me to "feel" at my first yoga class. I was in college, and after we came out of savasana I felt like I could take on the world and go to sleep at the same time! Never had I ever felt so relaxed and free.

The spark stayed small but eventually it grew big enough for me to move into the Discovery phase of the Evolution Spiral (see below). I went to Yoga Teacher Training and my mind was blown. I learned about how everything is energy and nothing matters, how most people are never even in their bodies, how to be mindful of what you're doing, how to be quiet, how to love youself, so much more, and how to chant. And I met some of my soul tribe.

I moved from Discovery to Growth quickly. I took Reiki training, I took Kundalini Yoga teacher training. During the Growth stage I was already in the Expansion stage, teaching yoga. But I was still growing. I never thought I should have it all figured out before I started sharing what I knew. I knew that we learn as we teach, and we teach as we learn, and even if I didn't have everything figured out, I could still make a difference. And you can too.

As much as we expand, we come back to self. I cannot count how many times I've visited the Cocooning stage, but when you remove the judgments about always having to be doing something, it's a beautiful phase. (And frankly, cocooning is in fact doing something). But you know what I mean, right?

So here we are. We've been spirialing up. Maybe you're at the point of Curiosity for the first time. If so, welcome to a wild and crazy and enlightening ride! Maybe you're at another stage or maybe you're there yet again. If so, I get you. The cycle never stops, as much as we may want to stay at one of these stages forever, nature doesn't work that way. Everything spirals, so let's enjoy the ride!

Here you will find my beloved Club LC, which is a community of Wayshowers (Lightworkers who show themselves fully for who they are) to stay on the path, empower themselves and receive as they give so abundantly to the world. In Club LC we gain extreme clarity on why our souls chose this life and body, and what to do to feel like we're on the right track with our Life Purpose. Each month we dive into one of the 10 aspects of our being that empowers us into our full capacity for awesomeness! Join us on this exciting journey of living as YOU are meant to live in Club LC!

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It would delight me to know where on this spiraling journey you feel you are right now. What's happening for you, and what's your vision for your life and what's your vision for the world? No matter where you are, it's never the wrong time to shine!

Let me know

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Keep Spiraling Up!
Keep Spiraling Up!
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Where do you feel you fit the most right now?