Light of Conscience

by Laura Christine

Kundalini Yoga Session


It’s a blast! Forward.

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What to expect:

Blast forward. Kundalini Yoga, Mantras, and Meditations have the power to demolish blocks quickly while preparing you to face the clear and brilliant reality of who you are. In all honesty, I believe one of the reasons for this is that Kundalini Yoga is so weird that you simply have to get over yourself and your ego. They can’t stop you when you practice Kundalini Yoga with heart and dedication.

To begin:

When you schedule your session, I’ll need to know what aspect of your life you’re interested in working with, be it a gland, balance, courage, inner vision, healthy bowels, overcoming addictions, etc… We’ll connect via FaceTime, WhatsApp, or Skype at our appointment time. I’ll explain any Kriya, Mantra, and/or Meditation we’ll be working with that day.

The session:

You’ll want to wear yoga clothes (any comfortable clothing, not too loose, that is easy to move around in). We’ll begin with a mantra to set our space and tune in. I will take you through a combination of a Kriya, Meditation, and/or Mantra that is designed to blast you forward and demolish blocks while preparing you to be You – your bright and brilliant Self!

To complete:

I will make sure you have instructions for what you learned at your session. While doing one yoga set or one mantra or one meditation, once, is transforming, to get lasting change, I encourage the regular practice of what I teach, whether it is just one or a combination of a Kriya (yoga set), Mantra, or Meditation. I’ll be here to support you through your daily practice. If you have questions, concerns or issues come up, I’m a text or email away!