Kundalini Numerology

If you could peer into a magic mirror that reflects the current condition of 10 aspects of your being and shows you how to strengthen and balance them in order to live a joyful and fulfilling life, would you have a look?

Kundalini Numerology is just such a mirror. We begin with a Natal Report, which is your natural state at birth and usually stays about the same until you awaken to your unlimited Self. However, this system doesn't believe that numbers and fate are one and the same. You can create your Destiny by working with the 10 aspects of your being described as the "10 Bodies" in Kundalini Yoga.

In your Kundalini Numerology Consultation, you receive non-judgmental and unbiased reflection as we go through each of the bodies to find out where you're at. We then dive into the vision you have for your life, and you're given a potent practice for generating the results you wish to see.

Because energetic support is so awesome, you also receive a distant Sound Healing Reiki session. The audio portion is recorded so you have it for life to use anytime you feel a bubble off or so.

This combination of a Kundalini Numerology Natal Report, Consulation, and Sound Healing Reiki is what I lovingly call an Impact Power Pack.

"The purpose of life is to enjoy every moment." ~Yogi Bhajan

If you're not, let's see what we can do about that!

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Prefer to start with a Natal Report? $47 for a custom report written out by me and some suggestions for areas you may wish to strengthen based on your report.


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