Reiki is a powerful tool in re-igniting the flow of one’s energy where it is blocked, stagnant, or shut down for any number of reasons. Reiki works on all aspects of your energy field, including the physical body. All ailments and even injuries begin as rifts or knots in the energetic body. It is usually a faster process to heal energetic imbalances than mental/emotional imbalances, and it usually takes still longer to heal physical imbalances. However, with the right mindset, healing can happen for everyone, and you may be surprised by how quickly it can happen for you!

I use both Usui Reiki and Kundalini Reiki in my healing sessions along with intention setting and processing/discussion. I believe whole-heartedly in the effectiveness of these energies not only through shifts they’ve created in my own life, but for those of my clients as well.

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