Light of Conscience

by Laura Christine

Graceful Transformations

By now you get that you're not listening to or expressing your Inner Voice--at least all the way--and it's really starting to be annoying, right?

It takes 40 days to break a habit.

What are you doing that you don't want to be doing? What do you have in your life that you don't want anymore? Who are you being that you don't want to be?

Would you give yourself the chance to change? Forty days. Different you. Why would you turn this down?

You will never run out of excuses for not being you. You are infinitely creative. You never have to stop coming up with reasons to keep waiting for the world change around you rather than change yourself.

The world has just as many excuses not to change as you do, times the number of people in it. Logically speaking, the chances are only in your favor one way: You give You a chance.

Graceful Transformations is for you if:

  • -You're scared to express your beliefs and gifts because of how others might perceive you.
  • -You're tired of putting everyone else ahead of you.
  • -You want to stop missing out on what you know you'd love to do, be, have and contribute to this beautiful world.
  • -You're willing to try something different.
  • -You know it's time to open your voice and speak the truth you know is right for YOU.
  • -You're willing to dig deep down and clear away some old habits that you may or may not be conscious of and set your stage up the way YOU want it!
  • -In a nutshell, you're willing to integrate the 5 Essential Ingredients I've laid out in my free guide so that you can be YOU with confidence, ease, and grace. If you don't have it yet, get it HERE.

It takes 40 days to break a habit. 90 days to establish a new habit. 120 days to overwrite the old habit. 1,000 days to master it.

Start where you are. How would it feel to know that as you transform with grace, you'll be supported by a weekly call with LC and distant sound healing to keep your soul aligned? Not to mention, free access to Club LC.

In 40 days, the neural pathways that you've built over time break up. You're no longer burdened by the beliefs and concepts you've cemented in your mind. Your 40 day practice is like a sledgehammer that broke it all up. BOOM! Freedom!!

My 6 week program is perfect for you if you're a self-starter and just need to break it up so you can move forward unhindered. But if you'd rather build back up from the freshly cleaned slate...

In 90 days, you've established the new habit in your psyche. Rather than break up the concrete and run, leaving it open to be reprogrammed in whatever way is strongest, we'll break it up and then rebuild the circuits so the new habit is established as your point of reference. When you've changed, your environment changes to support you.

My 3 month program is perfect for those who  know what they need to do, but sometimes would rather do what's easy or comfortable. It's for you if you're dedicated to making real and lasting change for yourself and you're determined to not let anything stop you. But if you want to extend change even farther...

In 120 days, the new habit is solidified. There is no question. There is no conflict. The old habit has disappeared. Each program builds upon the last. For the first 40 days, we'll be breaking down the old concepts. For the next 50 days, we'll be building up the new reality, and for the final 30 days, we will be extending the new reality out into your life. What are you putting out into the world? Are you an artist, a visionary, an entrepreneur? Do you want to make changes in your community, within your family, as a leader at work?

My 4 month program is for the leaders. It's for you if your vision extends way beyond yourself and you know that you're here to influence others for the good of all. Together we can change the world. Together, we are.

1,000 days? After you've completed 120 days, you'll know whether or not you're ready for 1,000 days. You can do any practice for as long as you'd like to. I did my 1,000 day Bowing Jaap Sahib practice between April 2010 and January 2013. It. Was. Incredible. And I am more than happy to sit with you as you let yours come to you... but this is a self-initiated practice. If you choose to take on a 1,000 day practice, know that I will ever be your cheerleader and you may reach out any time, but a formal program could not do it justice. How do I know this? I've done it.

Ready for a Graceful Transformation?

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Okay, I'm so IN, but what about my voice? How do I start following it? How can I hear it? How can I use it?

Perfect question. When people change, others get thrown off their rocker. People might think you're going nuts. People might not be able to handle it. Your voice is your greatest strength. Inner and Outer. So we work with both. Whether you're in the 1:1 or group Transformation, you will have opportunities to open your voice with toning (simply creating sound), chanting, which creates incredible changes in the brain for the better, and speaking. When you do these practices with your Outer Voice, it becomes an extension of your Inner Voice. You start to listen to it with more attention, follow it with more intention, and express it with unconditional compassion because you are so grateful to finally be expressing who you are to the world, whether they like it or not.

What is the process?

I use the technology given to us by Yogi Bhajan.

  • -Kundalini Numerology gives you insight into what is showing up for you and why, and most importantly, how to most effectively change.
  • Kriyas work on particular aspects of the nervous and endocrine system, as well as different organs and chakras. Our use of kriyas (and meditations and mantras) will be guided by the numerology and your preferences.
  • Meditations are powerful brain re-wiring exercises.
  • Mantras are specific vibratory forces that make neurological changes quickly. They are healing in themselves, calming, and transformational.

You will also receive sound healing from me each week, and we will create a Golden Mantra*. Your Golden Mantra is a powerful tool to keep you aligned with your inner voice. I tune into you and find the mantra that most aligns with your soul. Then we find a melody you love. I record your Golden Mantra in a professional studio so it is radio quality, and you can use it for the rest of your life. We can also create a powerful affirmations track on it, which will plant the beliefs you KNOW you should believe into your subconscious! YES! Your voice is your most powerful asset.

*Please note that I create one Golden Mantra for each group, but you may create an affirmations track over it separate from the group.

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