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This is not your typical coaching program. For one thing it’s fast…

My unique style blends mindset and habit alignment with Reiki healing to supercharge every session. If you think you’re less than awesome and can’t, for whatever reason, do the thing you know you are meant to do, first off you’re wrong, and second LC will be your steadfast partner and guide to your beautiful, brilliant light and give you the confidence it takes to live from your Conscience – the knowing that exists where thoughts do not. To live from here is where life is more than you ever thought it could be!

Look, I definitely am here for you, but honestly, I don’t want my 1:1 clients forever. How is that freedom? (For either of us, really)? This is where the Golden Mantra comes in. Don’t worry. It’s not some weird initiation where “you can only ever listen to or speak this mantra.” I don’t do that kind of thing. It’s a studio recorded, one of a kind mantra that is yours and yours alone. You will have this mantra music to be your support through the times when the mind likes to get a little crazy on you. It will keep the effectiveness of our sessions ongoing forever.

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More Details:

We banish self-abuse (this is what excuses are), we add in new, life-promoting habits, we empty the mind so you can choose which thoughts you want to keep and which to throw out, we clear your energy field and fill it with love and transformation. I do not have a regimented, it has to be this way every week, mentality. We come together, work with what is present, break open, fill in, and rise up. If you know you need to change, or change is upon you whether you like it or not, and you’re scared as shit, I’m here for you. Apply – this is for you.

What kind of change?

  • Leaving a job to follow your passion
  • Leaving a relationship because within it, you cannot grow
  • Fueling a relationship with more passion and openness
  • Making a huge geographical move
  • Loss from death, divorce, or children moving out
  • Have another transformation happening? Let’s find out if we are right together!

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Start with 4 weekly sessions. Everyone starts with a bang! We delve into your vision and what kinds of stumbling blocks (or brick walls) you’re dealing with. From the get-go, you’re given a new habit-forming practice to work on every day. Together, we will make sure it will be enjoyable enough to do every day, and it will fit into your schedule.

Excuses are self-abuses. We will banish them!

Continue with weekly or monthly sessions.

Maybe 4 weeks was enough to get you through the thick of it, and now the support of Club LC is enough.

Maybe 4 weeks just scratched the surface and another 4 will scratch down some more.

There’s no right or wrong. I will guide you to your Conscience, and you will know, because that is where true knowing is always present. Live in this Light. You will not believe your amazingly beautiful life. And then, you will believe it because you will see yourself living it!

What result does working with LC give you? YOU. It may sound confusing and maybe over-simplified, but rest assured, it’s the most powerful takeaway you can get from anything, ever. Imagine hashing out the ideas you’ve adopted but don’t really believe, the stories that keep you from believing in yourself, in your “enough”ness, the energetic ties to the past or present fears, doubts, worries, etc, and can you imagine for a moment living with absolutely no fear about speaking and acting out your truth, no matter how anyone else (and even your egoic mind) perceives it?! Let yourself imagine this kind of freedom.

Now, you don’t have to only imagine it. Schedule an application call. Even if you decide this is not the right time or opportunity for you, you’ll have more clarity and confidence to move forward!