Light of Conscience

by Laura Christine

Club LC

You’re meant to shine. Keep your spirit happy by receiving Reiki every single week, at your most convenient time.

Club LC is for those who know that everything is energy, and they want to keep theirs as clear and balanced as possible to brightly shine and make a difference in the world. No matter who you are and no matter what you do, Reiki can knock loose any heavy energies and replenish your radiance. Receive channeled insights after every send, too. Learn more HERE.

Join club LC and you’ll get instant access to numerous meditations, songs, and posts from past Reiki sends (at top tier). In addition, you’ll have 2 chances each month to jump on a live call with Laura Christine to ask anything! This could be from what she ate for breakfast to what advice she has for you for whatever you’re going through.

Until October 22nd, if you join at the top tier you will also receive an exclusive melodic mantra that will be free ONLY to those who join by then. Best yet, if you stay for 6 months, you’ll get your very own customized mantra to listen to anytime, anywhere, anchoring more of YOU into you.