Light of Conscience

by Laura Christine


Hey there!

I’m your trusty guide along the path to the Light of Conscience. I’m here for all Wayshowers until they are ready to step out and be that guiding light for others. I joke that I can smell a Wayshower 3 miles away. In reality, give me 1-2 minutes of your time and I’ll let you know. Truth be told, you’re either a Wayshower or you can be. This is not an exclusive club, yet it is incredibly elite. The only ones who can truly light the way are those who’ve committed to leading their own lives from the Light of Conscience—the deep and constant knowing that comes from eternal Truth.

All of the things, the Light of Conscience podcast, Club LC, and music all radiate higher dimensional frequencies, giving those with the senses to see, hear and most of all, feel, a glimpse into their own true nature, their Light of Conscience.

Are you a Wayshower? Are you questioning it? Then you probably are, but you can get more clarity by asking me yourself. I’ll send you the 18 signs you’re a Wayshower along with a guided meditation for Patience and Trust. Receive yours HERE. I’ll even respond with a personal email, and I can’t wait to meet you!

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