Light of Conscience

by Laura Christine


Laura Christine here! Did you know that your habits become your life? I’m in the business of habits – of changing them, of making you conscious of them, of giving you options! Because when you’re in the habit of being guided by the Light of Conscience–the knowledge that exists where thoughts do not–you become victorious.

My favorite thing is to provide opportunities for embodying the courage, prosperity, and confidence to those who yearn to FULLY follow their heart paths so they can do just that: move on from soul-killing situations, relationships, and jobs, manifest their financial resources, and throw out their dimmer switches so they shine at 100% brightness 100% of the time, lighting the way for others. The only ones who can truly light the way are those who’ve committed to leading their own lives from the Light of Conscience—the deep and constant knowing that comes from eternal Truth.

Apply for a Mastery Intensive: 7 weeks to embody the vibrational frequency of the mindset and emotional states necessary to make the move into your next chapter, whether it’s Incomizing Your Brilliance, Shifting Your Career, or Stepping Out On Your Own. It takes more than thinking and feeling. This is where you learn the art and the act of BEING.

Schedule your FREE call here. Even if the M.I. isn’t for you, the call is bound to give you a boost of clarity!

The Light of Conscience podcast, Club LC, and music all radiate higher dimensional frequencies, giving those with the senses to see, hear and most of all, feel, a glimpse into their own true nature, their Light of Conscience.

Are you a Wayshower? Are you questioning it? Then you probably are, but you can get more clarity by asking me yourself. I’ll send you the 18 signs you’re a Wayshower along with a guided meditation for Patience and Trust. Receive yours HERE. I’ll even respond with a personal email, and I can’t wait to meet you!


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