Rise up. It's time.

I've laid out 5 essential ingredients wayshowers & path-pavers need
to break free from sabotaging belief systems and thrive!

5 Essential Ingredients Mastery Integration for busting through limits and living YOUR way:

Video links included.

Who am I? My name is Laura Christine Anderson Mansfield.

I go by Laura Christine or LC. I love simplicity. I am an A-personality, and I like to say I "A-personalitied" my way into a B-personality. But what's true is that I've always let my mind lead, even when I tried to let my heart have a voice, I was just pretending.

It's time. I am safe to let my Inner Knowing Rise. I am safe to share the space with other souls so that we can all grow in our Light and thrive. We all shine like stars. Together we're brighter than a thousand central suns!

My mission is to connect individuals with themselves and others with the intention to Rise Up and Shine! Club LC, the Light of Conscience podcast and lots of guest speakers and teachers will guide you into the Light of your Self, where you can tune in and awaken the divine Feminine aspects longing to rise command your life. If you're looking for some deep, 1:1 time, I've got options for that, too.

It would delight me to know what you're working on most right now. What's your vision for your life and what's your vision for the world?

Let me know!

Click above or email me! laurachristine808@gmail.com. I read them all, and I may have the perfect connection for you!